Ackerman introduces resolution to dissolve BCS

SACRAMENTO -- The Republican leader of the California Senate
has introduced a resolution calling for the dissolution of the Bowl
Championship Series.

Sen. Dick Ackerman, an unhappy alumnus of California, is only
half-kidding with the measure, which even if approved could not
force the breakup of the BCS.

Ackerman, a 1964 Cal graduate, is furious that his school lost a
chance to play in one of college football's big-money games despite
ranking among the top five in the polls most of the year.

"The BCS has proven in its seven-year existence that it is a
failure," Ackerman said. "It has failed at the expense of
California and other Pac-10 teams that have lost millions of
dollars in revenue."

There's no word yet whether the Texas legislature will seek a
resolution endorsing the BCS. Texas slipped past Cal in the BCS
standings in the final week and received an invitation to play in
the Rose Bowl, even though the Longhorns were previously ranked
behind Cal.

Ackerman blamed Cal's loss on last-minute lobbying efforts by
Texas officials.

"Politicking and campaigning have no place in college
athletics," he said. "Teams should be judged on their
performances on the field and not by the success of their PR