Big Ten test could expand to all games in '05

INDIANAPOLIS -- An NCAA committee recommended Wednesday that
all schools and conferences be allowed to use a video replay system
tested last season in the Big Ten.
The recommendation by the Football Rules Committee will be
considered by an oversight panel Feb. 24 and, if approved, will be
put in place for the regular season this fall.
"The response to video replay nationally and in the Big Ten was
overwhelmingly positive," said Chuck Broyles, the coach at
Pittsburg State and chairman of the rules committee. "When we have
the ability to correct a potentially game-changing error, and we
have the technology to do so, we feel this improves the fairness of
the game and directly improves the student-athlete experience."
He said many conferences have asked permission to try the replay
system for the 2005 season.
The Big Ten in December said replay was used in 28 of 57
conference games last season. Of the 43 calls questioned, 21 were
overturned. Games where replay was used averaged 3 minutes longer
than games without replay.
Under Wednesday's recommendation, any conference that wants to
use video replay must confirm its plans with the rules committee by
June 1.
"The preparation, training and educational effort needed to
properly administer a system of review requires a commitment from a
conference to make it run successfully," Broyles said. "There
certainly is interest in the Division I-A level and our committee
wants to encourage developments that will help the game."
The video replay would not be used in bowl games or in NCAA
championships below the Division I level.