Mountain West still tinkering with the format

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- The Mountain West Conference will utilize instant
replay for the 2005 football season, subject to formal approval by
the NCAA on February 24.

It is anticipated ample video footage of MWC football contests will be
available to feed the instant replay system. Last season, 89 percent of the
conference's games were televised (only seven were not), in 2006 nearly every
football game will be aired.

A subcommittee will be asked to fully outline the details of the
Mountain West Conference instant replay plan, along with a projected budget.
While the list of reviewable plays will be established by the NCAA, a number
of logistical and infrastructure questions will be left to the discretion of
the conferences.

Those issues include whether the replay official will work
from the field or the booth, whether or not coaches' challenges will be
permitted, use of television and/or in-stadium video, numbers of personnel,
technical equipment, etc. The subcommittee will analyze available
information from the NFL replay system and the experiment conducted by the
Big Ten Conference last season.

"The Mountain West Conference has proven it competes at the highest level of
Division I-A football," said commissioner Craig Thompson. "This initiative,
which we see as an opportunity to enhance our football operation, is another
example of our commitment and something we have aggressively pursued."