Rudulph punched National Guardsman

CORVALLIS, Ore. -- An Oregon State University football player will serve 10 days in jail for assaulting a National Guard
soldier in a Corvallis night club.

Joe Rudulph, a sophomore defensive lineman, pleaded guilty to the assault in Benton County Circuit Court on Tuesday and apologized to Staff Sgt. Gabriel Sapp for the Nov. 12 incident.

Rudulph punched Sapp, who was on leave from duty in Iraq, at the Headline Cafe in Corvallis.

At the hearing, Rudulph, 20, told Sapp and his wife that he was sorry -- an apology Sapp accepted.

"He made a mistake and he apologized for it," said Sapp. "As long as he knows he made the mistake, that's enough. He stood up like a man and he apologized to my wife and myself, and that's all I really ask."

Circuit Court Judge Locke Williams sentenced Rudulph to 30 days in jail, 20 days of which will be suspended. Rudulph is scheduled to serve his sentence after Oregon State's spring term ends in June.