Smith, Byrd fought over money

USC player Dominique Byrd's broken jaw was a result of a fight with teammate Steve Smith, The Los Angeles Times reported.

Smith told the paper that the two argued over money a few weeks ago.

Byrd, a tight end, has been ineligible to practice, but Smith, a wide receiver, has taken part in spring drills. Neither has been disciplined for the fight.

"The way these guys battle and they do stuff, they live together, there's going to be issues," coach Pete Carroll told the Times. "Did you ever fight with your brother? ... I'm sorry that somebody got hurt but other than that it's not a big deal. They're fine about it."

Smith told the paper that he owed Byrd money, and the two were playing a video game.

"I put more money down and I lost the game, and I took it back before the game was over," Smith told the Times. "And then we were like, 'Man, well, we're going to have to fight. It was so stupid."