Users respond to ESPN.com's Bottom 10

Once again, the The Bottom 10 thanks the many kind folks who shared their opinions on the Bottom 10. A special thanks to all the Texas Tech fans -- even the ones who didn't realize that the nonconference schedule was the reason the Red Raiders landed in the coveted the No. 5 spot.

Here's what you had to say about the the preseason rankings:

Scheduling difficulties
The Red Raiders may have a girly non-conference schedule. But people won't think Tech is so soft when they walk into Nebraska and end all this talk about the Husker's looking for "revenge".

Jim (New York)

Texas Tech in the bottom 10? You guys are on crack again.

John (Houston)

I know that Tech is catching a lot of criticism over its OOC schedule, but why not schedule something like that? It's three home games that should do nothing but inflate numbers for the team and give it momentum heading into the conference. Maybe I am missing something.

Brad (Lubbock, Texas)

I do love my Red Raiders, but even I am embarrassed about the upcoming preconference schedule. It makes it hard for me to talk up my team and their chances in the Big XII South ... or the Big XII for that matter ... when they participate in "pillow fights" instead of football games. I just hope they aren't shocked when October rolls around and football begins. Maybe I will watch Texas for the first few Saturdays of the season.

Davin Vogler (Georgetown, Texas)

Wild about the 'Cats
TC's movie: "the Outsiders" School: University of Kentucky. Always outside of the discussion when talking about how good the SEC is in football. Sad to say this, since I'm a graduate and lifelong fan.

Ed (Louisville, Ky.)

How did Kentucky not make your list? During the Rich Brooks era, the Kitty Kats have been the poorest excuse for a football team imagineable. There's not a worse coach in the country than Brooks, and you can bet he'll have his squad primed for another 9+ loss season as the perennial doormat of the SEC.

Chad Lashbrook (Lexington, Ky.)

Shades of prairie brown

Dang people! Where are you from Fort Collins? Provo? Did a cowboy run down your childhood puppy or something? First the Cheerleaders now the Western Thunder Marching Band? I realize Cowboy Joe has taken a favorite whipping-boy out of the bottom 10, but yeeeeeeeesh! Whats next after the Band? Gonna rip on our new turf for not being the proper shade of green?

David (Laramie, Wyo.)

I was just wondering why you can't get off of wyomings back about some kind of uniform flaw. Just give 'em some credit for re-establishing their football program. THey get votes for the power 16.

Shea (Laramie, Wyo.)

Quit picking on my beloved Wyoming's colors. They might not be the prettiest in the NCAA, but last time I checked, UAB had the worst color scheme in college football. Throw a little "recognition" their way, and leave the Cowboys out of it.

Ryan Taylor (Washington D.C.)

Ah, so good to see you've mentioned Wyoming again, even though it's just the band uniforms this time. We love the attention!! Keep up the good work.

The Buckhole (Laramie, Wyo.)


Place Florida Atlantic 3rd, that's fine. FAU (and Schnellenberger, for that matter) has made its (and his) name from proving all the "experts" wrong. 2003 they opened the season with a win against Mid. Tennessee State and 2004 they opened with THREE wins against Hawaii, North Texas and Mid. Tennessee State. The little "new guys" will be over .500 in their first FULL year of I-A ball and will win the Sun Belt within 2 years! Something special is happening here in Boca.. GO OWLS!

Eric (Boca Raton, Fla.)

You can't put FAU and FIU in the same spot! That's like throwing UF and FSU together. FAU has dominated FIU for three years running and had a 9-3 mark last year (at least separate their records). Even though both teams MIGHT be justified by being in the bottom 10...give us our own spot!

Todd (Providence)

More Bottom feeding

How did IU not make the list? Their first game against CMU is the pillow fight of the week, and one of only two CHANCES to get a win this season.

Matthew Noll (Indianapolis)

Where's the Michigan love? Central Michigan is going to blow out Indiana and their marching band rocks Kelly/Shorts Stadium! Say what you want about Western Michigan, but Central is the best directional team in the state of Michigan!

Ted (Mt. Pleasant)

Don't forget the Wildcats! Northwestern deserves to be on the waiting list. They're going to be the best team with a 2-9 record this year.

Mike (Chicago)

How can you have a bottom 10 that does not include Vanderbilt? I know they are in the SEC, but they do nothing for the conference but boost the overall GPA. They should be booted out of the conference and Memphis should be brought in. They would be very competitive in football and basketball.

Rob (Tuscaloosa, Ala.)

Can't help but wonder what will happen on 9/24 when Temple will host Western Michigan. Maybe it'll end in a tie, or maybe someone will actually WIN the game. Put that on your calenders now!

Ryan (Anchorage)

As a TU alum, I have to protest. We are by far the most consistant bottom 10 entry...how are we not #1 (of the losers). Have you seen our schedule this year? Lock us in now, you'll save yourselves the effort of moving a new team into #1 (of the Bottom 10) all year long.

Matt S (Philadelphia)

Thank you for NOT including my UW Huskies on this list. It's all about small steps.


You guy's are going to be sorry you ranked San Jose State in the Bottom 10. Thanks for adding some fuel to the fire.

Bryan (San Jose)