Users respond to ESPN.com's Bottom 10

Once again, The Bottom 10 thanks the many kind folks who shared their opinions about the Week 4 rankings.

Here's what you had to say about the the Week 4 rankings:

Dealing in the Cards

Thanks for adding Louisville, but someone has got to commend Mike Belloti for not letting the Ducks wear those hideous Lightning Yellow jerseys against USC on national TV because it saved USC a big loss in Autzen.

Aaron (Montana)

Ok as a UL fan I'm a little disappointed this week. South Florida played a good game and will probably have other upsets this year. Don't think my Cards deserve this honor. UK on the other hand is stinking up this state with their football antics. The Cards won't mind sharing the Bottem Ten spotlight with the Cats.

Russ Hensley

Putting Louisville in the Bottom 10 article is a joke and an ignorant decision. Even being a die hard Louisville fan I will be the first to admit that last Saturday was an ugly showing by Louisville. But as any real college football fan would know, even the best of teams with the deepest traditions have Saturdays when nothing clicks. When playing at a tough, underrated place like South Florida, an off weekend for a great team could mean disaster. Louisville is an up and coming program that will be a force to be reckoned with, for any big team in the nation, for years to come.

Alex Hagan

Come on guys. Just because we laid an egg at South Florida doesn't put us in the bottom ten. Look at Kentucky, they got beat by 24 against Indiana and barely beat Idaho State.

John (The Ville)

UL in the bottom 10? Wow is that interesting to me. If they right the ship and win out, won't you look like an ass for putting them in the bottom 10? Teams play poorly all of the time. I don't agree with your pick. Put an eternal stinker like UK in that slot. At least we still have a bowl game to play for.

Kevin (Louisville)

Placing any team with a winning record, especially the Louisville Cardinals, in the Bottom 10 is absurd. The loss they suffered in South Florida was definately the worse in the past three seasons, but how does a team go from top 10 to Bottom 10 with one loss. Last week you were telling everyone it was time to jump on the Louisville band-wagon

Bryan Hartlage (New Albany)

Did somebody loose a bad bet when Louisville lost to South Florida. Did you put money on them in Vegas when everyone was tagging them for a national title game appearance? Louisville Bottom 10? Ok they lost and in a bad way but you could have some respect and at least use their real logo in you bottom 10 list. Seems somebody is upset and not thinking rationally. I'll check back with you at the end of the year as to them being one of the ten worst teams.


Any chance the Big East conference makes the Bottom 10? It's pathetic.

Bill (Indianapolis)

Hollas for the Harris poll

No, I'm not "that" Chris Fowler and no I'm not joining game day at Sun Devil Stadium. We're both just lucky to have the same name. It would seem that the Bottom 10 has been made redundant by the "Others Receiving Votes" category of the Harris Poll. You guys can just copy whatever the old fogeys come up with and pack it in for the rest of the season. I wish my job had suddenly gotten as easy as yours. Will you be taking up any new hobbies in your spare time?

Christopher Fowler (Tempe, AZ)

Obviously someone has to wonder how Idaho can be in the Bottom 10 but get votes in the Harris Poll. What is the point of the "experts" on the Harris Poll when it is still only a fraction of the BCS formula??? Why doesn't the BCS just hire these "experts" and have one poll and one champion.

Trace (Saginaw, Mich.)

Where are the Harris Poll voters? In their only showing of the year, they awarded 10 votes to Idaho and Bowling Green, teams which are a combined 1-6, with the lone win coming against Ball State -- your No. 1! I think they deserve some, er, credit.

Matthew (Columbus, Ohio)

How can you include Idaho in the bottom 10? They got 5 votes in the Harris Poll. Their legit title contenders in the WAC apparently.

Richard (Des Moines)

So Idaho is #6 on your Bottom 10, 0-4 for the season, and yet still receives 5 votes in the last Harris poll? Anyone else see any problems with this new BCS poll?

Alan (Los Angeles)

More Bottom feeding

Why isn't Iowa in the bottom 10? After everyone was saying that they might run away with the Big 10 (11?) and compete for a national championship and losing 2 games they deserve to be in the bottom 10!! After all in both looses they looked horrible and couldn't move the ball and when they did they usually tunred it over to the other team. They should for sure be in the Bottom 10!!

Stacie (Beatrice, Neb.)

No Direction Michigan or UL-U Pick 'em in the Bottom 10? What has this world come to?

Steve (St. Louis)

As much as I hate doing this, I think NC State merits serious consideration for the bottom 10. I'm a State grad and absolutely love my school. However, seeing as how we have but 1 victory this year (over a directional Kentucky) and got smacked by our biggest rival this past weekend, despite our "overwhelming talent", we need to be in there somewhere. I am excited about our chances for discontinuing our losing ways this weekend … we don't play.

Dan (Washington, DC)

You forgot the new LSU coaching staff that blew a 21 point lead. It was some of the worst (and predictable) play-calling I have every seen.

loco (Baton Rouge, La.)

I'm a diehard Arkansas Razorback fan, but I don' think we should be on the waiting list. We should be #1.

Ray (Alma)

Why did you drop Stanford out? They haven't won since they lost to Davis and you have 2 teams with a win on the list. Sure, Louisville deserves #5 this week for that stinker vs. USF, but keep Stanford around in another spot for crying out loud!

Jim (Berkeley, Calif.)

Head to head Idaho would lose to any of the teams ranked above them in the bottom 10. We deserve to be #1!

Jeff McGowan (Seattle)

How can you move Temple out of 1st place of the Bottom 10? Outscored 189-49 so far this season, and a loss to directional Michigan? What more (less) do we have to do to keep the title?

Matt (Philadelphia)

How does the University of Hawaii go from the Rainbows to those lifeless silver road uniforms. When June Jones wanted to get rid of the Rainbow mascot, I didn't envision the school being renamed the "Silver Surfers."

Kal (Portland, Ore.)