Georgia Tech-Miami might be moved for hurricane

The date for Georgia Tech's game at No. 6 Miami might be
switched because of the threat posed to South Florida by Hurricane

Officials from both schools, the Atlantic Coast Conference, ABC
and ESPN are scheduled to have a conference call Wednesday. Miami
athletic director Paul Dee said a decision on Saturday's game will
be made sometime Wednesday afternoon, but not necessarily stemming
from the call.

"We're going to base it on the best information the National
Hurricane Center and others have for us at that time," Dee said.
"Our first priority is the safety of the players and of the fans.
And we're pretty experienced at this."

Tech coach Chan Gailey said options include moving the game up
one day to Friday or pushing the game back one month to the Yellow
Jackets' open week on Nov. 19.

Gailey said one concern he would have if the game is switched to
Friday would be that the area may already be soaked with rain.
Another concern is a Friday game might be a distraction for the
area if Wilma leads government officials to call for an evacuation
by the weekend.

The game is scheduled for a noon kickoff Saturday at the Orange
Bowl in Miami.

"We'll get ready to play Saturday at noon," Gailey said.
"That's the way we've got to prepare."

Gailey said if he had a vote, "I'd probably choose to move it
back just because it's supposed to rain off and on all week

Wilma is on course to approach Central America or Mexico before
turning toward the narrow Yucatan Channel between Cuba and Mexico's
Cancun region. It then is projected to turn east into the Gulf of
Mexico toward Florida.

"It does look like it poses a significant threat to Florida by
the weekend. Of course, these are four- and five-day forecasts, so
things can change," said Dan Brown, a meteorologist at the U.S.
National Hurricane Center.

In other Wilma developments:
• Officials from West Virginia and South Florida are
communicating twice daily about the possible impact of the
hurricane on Saturday's game in Tampa, Fla.

"They will keep us up to date on any news," WVU sports
information director Shelly Poe said.