Bad grades cost Arizona four football scholarships

TUCSON, ARIZ. -- The football team at the University of
Arizona will lose four scholarships for the 2006 season because of
poor academics after the NCAA rejected an appeal.
The Wildcats will still have 81 football players on
scholarships, all 2006 signees will keep their scholarships, and UA
can sign a full allotment in 2007.
The NCAA penalty was assessed because of a low score in the
Academic Progress Report.
"We're going to confront it and take our penalty now and work
on getting better," UA coach Mike Stoops said yesterday. "What
happened, happened. There's nothing I can do about it but to
continue to emphasize the importance of an education and work hard
on recruiting the right players."
The NCAA evaluated progress and retention in the 2003-04 and
2004-05 academic years for each sport, setting a minimum passing
grade of 925 to avoid the loss of scholarships.
Arizona's football team scored an 882, losing the four
scholarships, and the baseball team lost 1.17 scholarships, the
maximum 10 percent allowed, after scoring 865. The other 18 sports
at Arizona all scored above 925.