Horns' Taylor charged with felony drug possession

BELTON, Texas -- Texas running back Ramonce Taylor was
charged Monday with possession of marijuana after what his attorney
described as an incident in which the football player was
confronted at a party and a window in his vehicle was broken out.

Taylor, who scored a touchdown in the Rose Bowl for the national
champion Longhorns, was arraigned on a state jail felony charge of
possession of marijuana over 4 ounces and under 5 pounds. He was
released from the Bell County jail on $5,000 bail, according to a
spokeswoman for the sheriff's department who declined to give her

A state jail felony carries up to two years in jail and a
$10,000 fine. District Attorney Henry Garza said the marijuana was
sent to a lab for analysis, and that the charge could be upgraded
later if the amount exceeds 5 pounds.

Taylor's attorney, Buck Harris, said the marijuana did not
belong to the football player.

According to the sheriff, deputies received a report at 1:34
a.m. Sunday about a large fight at a pecan farm in Little River,
about 40 miles north of Austin.

Deputies also received a call from someone who said they had
been at the fight and complained a window on his vehicle had been
broken. The caller turned out to be Taylor, who was interviewed by
deputies at a convenience store.

Deputies said they were told by other officers at the fight
scene that Taylor had been involved and had threatened to return
with a gun.

Taylor told deputies he didn't have a gun and gave them
permission to search his vehicle. Deputies reported finding a a
live .40-caliber bullet and the backpack with the marijuana, which
they said belonged to Taylor.

Harris has a different version of events: He said Taylor and
three friends arrived at a party when the football player was
confronted with "nonpolitically correct language." He declined to
be specific.

"It was used specifically toward Ramonce, he backs up and got in
the car, and they drove off. He did exactly what you want your
child to do when they get in a bad situation: Leave," Harris said.
"That's what he did, he got in the car, backed out and drove

As they were driving away, a brick or stone was thrown through
their back window. Taylor drove to a convenience store and called
911 to report the incident to authorities, Harris said.

Harris said he didn't know the reason for the party or who was

"The perception from Ramonce that the comments were racial,"
Harris said. "I wasn't there and I haven't talked to enough
people, but the tone and wording was such that Ramonce was smart
enough to say, 'I don't need to be there.'"

One of Texas' most versatile players, Taylor scored 15
touchdowns last season, including a 30-yard scoring run in the Rose
Bowl, which Texas won 41-38. The win gave Texas its first outright
national championship since 1969.

Taylor had been excused from spring practice in March to focus
on academics and had not participated in any team functions since
then, Longhorns coach Mack Brown said in a statement released by the