Problem at polls: Top 25 redone because of bad ballot

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Boston College moved into sole position
of the No. 20 ranking in The Associated Press Top 25 on Monday,
after the poll was recalculated to fix a mistaken ballot.

The revised poll breaks a 20th-place tie between Boston College
and Arizona State, dropping the Sun Devils into the No. 22 ranking
behind California.

Poll voter Ken Tysiac of The Charlotte Observer said he
mistakenly sent his Sept. 10 poll ballot, rather than his Sept. 17
ballot, to The AP on Sunday.

"I cut and pasted the wrong file, the previous week's file,
into the e-mail that I sent to the AP," Tysiac said Monday,
shortly after submitting the correct ballot.

Even though the only change was in the order of the Nos. 20, 21
and 22 teams, AP sports editor Terry R. Taylor said the poll was
recalculated to maintain its integrity.

"While we normally do not allow votes to be changed, it was
clear in this case that an outdated ballot had been inadvertently
submitted and we simply allowed the correct ballot to be
substituted," she said.

Tysiac said Observer readers caught his mistake after the paper
published his ballot, as it does each Monday during college
football season. He said several readers e-mailed to ask why he had
Notre Dame ranked ahead of Michigan, despite the Wolverines' 47-21
victory at South Bend, Ind., on Saturday.

"So I went back and checked the record of what I sent," he
said. "That's when I realized, 'Oh, crud … '"

It is the first time in memory that The AP has re-issued a
college football or college basketball poll to correct such a

Retabulating the poll with Tysiac's intended ballot broke a 20th
place tie between Boston College and Arizona State, who each had
384 points in the original poll. Boston College now has 393 points,
while Cal has 386 points (up from 383) and Arizona State remains at
384 points.

Cal and Arizona State won't remain so closely bunched for long.
The Golden Bears host the Sun Devils this Saturday.