Tuberville renews claim that SEC can't win under BCS

AUBURN, Ala. -- Tommy Tuberville thinks his Auburn team and
the rest of the Southeastern Conference will be stuck watching the
BCS national title game on TV.

The eighth-ranked Tigers were the highest rated SEC team in the
first Bowl Championship Series Standings released Sunday at No. 4.
But with Auburn knocking off the league's last unbeaten team with a
27-17 win over Florida, Tuberville thinks it likely bumps the SEC
out of the national title picture barring a few upsets.

"Every year, it's going to be like this," Tuberville said
Sunday. "Until we get a playoff, the SEC's going to be on the
outside looking in."

The Tigers (6-1, 4-1) were a distant fourth behind Ohio State,
Southern California and Michigan. Tuberville, an outspoken critic
of the current system, doubts that a one-loss SEC team would land
in the BCS title game over an unbeaten team from another major

"I don't think it will ever happen," he said. "I think people
are enamored by not losing, rather than voting on who the best
teams are. That's what I do. Of course, you've got to look at the
wins and losses, but you've got to look at who they lost to, where
they lost and how they came back.

"The national champion to me is the best team at the end of the
year, not the team that goes through their schedule [unbeaten]. I
might be the only one to think that way."

Tuberville has a fairly unique perspective on the situation
because his team went 13-0 two years ago, but watched as USC and
Oklahoma played for the title. Auburn finished No. 2.

"After going through what we went through two years ago, I'd
hate to think that anybody would get left out of playing for a
championship after going undefeated," Tuberville said.

"But it's got to be a legitimate undefeated," he added.

Five of the seven unbeaten teams in the AP Top 25 are ranked
ahead of the Tigers. Behind them are No. 18 Boise State and No. 19

"I would like to see people vote for the best teams, not by
records," Tuberville said. "Legitimately say, 'Hey, is this team
better? They might have lost a game, but are they better than a
team that's won all of them?' I vote that way."

Tuberville said he would campaign with his fellow voters on the
coaches poll if Auburn winds up going 12-1 and winning the SEC

"That's what the system's about," he said. "I get calls all
the time. I think it's important that you stand up for your team."