Jeff Bowden apologizes to Seminoles for disruptions

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Offensive coordinator Jeff Bowden
apologized to the Seminoles on Thursday for the disruption
surrounding his decision to step down after the season.

"He said he apologized for the distraction," left tackle Mario
Henderson said. "But we as a team were like, 'Hey, it's no big
deal. That's a decision you made that you thought was best for your
family. We respect that. There's no hard feelings.'"

Bowden announced his resignation Tuesday and had not spoken to
the team about his departure.

Florida State (5-5, 3-5 Atlantic Coast Conference) will try for
a second straight week to secure its sixth victory on Saturday
against Western Michigan (7-3, 6-2 Mid-American Conference), which
would make the Seminoles bowl eligible. They have not missed a bowl
since 1981.

Coach Bobby Bowden left practice early with an illness.

Defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews said the coaches have done
their best to keep the team focused amid all the distractions this

"The thing that we tried to do is to focus in on getting ready
to play a football game," Andrews said. "You can have different
kind of distractions or whatever, but we have to be about football
and about preparation."