LSU's Perrilloux, Odom will not practice for Bama game

BATON ROUGE, La. -- Ryan Perrilloux's off-field troubles
have taken him out of LSU's quarterback rotation again, this time
for at least a week.

Perrilloux and reserve linebacker Derrick Odom are being
punished for their involvement in a nightclub brawl over the
weekend, LSU head coach Les Miles said Monday.

They sat out practice Monday while the third-ranked Tigers
prepared for a highly anticipated showdown against former coach
Nick Saban at No. 17 Alabama, and Miles said he didn't expect the
two to play on Saturday.

"We will prepare to play without these guys," Miles said.

That had to be good news for Saban, a defensive mastermind who
apparently no longer has to concern himself with the option threat
Perrilloux has posed this season when Miles has subbed him for
starter Matt Flynn.

Miles said backup quarterbacks Andrew Hatch and Jarrett Lee
could play Perrilloux's role.

Regardless, it's bad timing for Miles, who needs to beat Alabama
(6-2, 4-1 Southeastern Conference) to give LSU (7-1, 4-1) the
inside track to win the SEC West.

As for Perrilloux and Odom, missing what may be one of the
biggest games of the year should be the least of their worries.

Both players' status on the team had already been threatened by
troubles with the law.

Miles suspended Perrilloux from the team for three months this
year after police cited the 20-year-old for using his older
brother's ID card to get into a Baton Rouge casino, where the
minimum age of admission is 21. Perrilloux has also been listed as
a "person of interest" in a federal counterfeiting probe.

Odom was arrested in September, accused of damaging another LSU
student's vehicle. Miles suspended Odom for three weeks in August,
after the linebacker was arrested after allegedly damaging another
student's vehicle and threatening the student.

No one was arrested in the fight early Friday near the LSU

The scuffle began when Perrilloux and Odom got into a shoving
match with a group of bouncers, according to a Baton Rouge police
report. Brent McClellan, owner of the Varsity nightclub, said
Perrilloux and Odom refused to leave at the 2 a.m. closing time,
and the scuffle began when bouncers forced them outdoors, into a
parking lot, according to the report.

Perrilloux and Odom gave a different account, saying the
bouncers were harassing them and their girlfriends. The two players
"began fighting off the bouncers in an effort to protect
themselves and their girlfriends," Odom told police.

Miles sidestepped reporters' questions about the matter in his
Monday news conference, instead focusing on the game coming up in

"From this point on, if you don't mind, I want to talk about
Alabama," he said.

Miles also avoided questions about the hype surrounding his
matchup against Saban, who won a national championship at LSU in
2004. LSU fans continued to hold Saban in high regard after he left
to coach the Miami Dolphins, but the once-beloved coach became a
traitor in the eyes of many in Baton Rouge after he left the NFL to
take over one of the Tigers' oldest SEC rivals.

Alabama hired him this year with a $32 million deal that made
him college football's highest paid coach.

Miles said he understood fans' interest in the coaching matchup,
but wasn't interested in discussing it.

"This will be a great game, but it will not be about the head
coaches," Miles said. "I appreciate coach Saban's past, in
passing through Louisiana, and certainly respect what he was able
to accomplish here."