White says Louisville's Smith spit on him during game

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. -- West Virginia quarterback Pat White
accused Louisville linebacker Preston Smith of spitting in his
face, even after the coaches for both teams downplayed the

Louisville had recovered a fumble in the third quarter of West
Virginia's 38-31 win Thursday night when White and Smith exchanged
words. Afterward, White appeared to try to get the attention of a
nearby official.

West Virginia coach Rich Rodriguez said Louisville coach Steve
Kragthorpe had phoned him about the matter.

"Steve talked to the player in question and the player assured
him that they were jawing at each other but he didn't intentionally
spit on him. I appreciate him calling me and talking about it,"
Rodriguez said on the weekly Big East coaches' conference call

Kragthorpe offered to talk to White but Rodriguez declined and
said he would discuss it with the player.

"As far as I'm concerned, the incident's over and I appreciate
coach Kragthorpe at least giving me a call and talking to the young
man in question," Rodriguez said.

"You couldn't really tell. You could tell they were in each
other's face a little bit, but you couldn't see anything beyond

White didn't back down from his contention.

"He spit on me," White said Tuesday night. "I'm sure he
doesn't want to admit that. It's a dirty thing to do. It's

Kragthorpe said the spitting didn't occur.

"Both [players] said some very derogatory things to each
other," Kragthorpe said. "As our player said something to him,
Pat may have thought that he spit in his face, but I talked to my
player, I talked to Rich and that did not happen."