On radio, Tuberville says 'I'm not looking to go anywhere'

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. -- Darren McFadden is taking all the
rumors in stride -- even the latest buzz about Tommy Tuberville.

"I try not to pay any attention," said McFadden, Arkansas'
star running back. "A lot of nonsense out there."

Television stations in Arkansas have to varying degrees linked
Tuberville to the Razorbacks' coaching vacancy. Tuberville, who
coaches Auburn, said on the radio this week he was not trying to
leave the Tigers.

"I'm not looking to go anywhere," Tuberville said on his
weekly radio show, which aired Thursday night but was recorded

As of early Friday, Arkansas had not contacted Auburn seeking
permission to speak with Tuberville, Auburn sports publicist Kirk
Sampson said.

Houston Nutt resigned as Arkansas coach Monday and took the Ole
Miss job. Tuberville, who is from Camden, was a candidate for the
Arkansas job when Nutt was hired in December 1997.

"I know whoever they bring in here is going to be a great
coach," McFadden said. "However they decide to pick it is how
it's going to be picked."

McFadden, a Heisman Trophy candidate, rushed for only 43 yards
in a 9-7 loss to Tuberville and Auburn in October.

"They had a great defense," McFadden said. "They had great
defensive linemen. They moved like linebackers. It was hard running
against that defense."

McFadden might not be around to play for the new coach. He's a
junior and can turn pro after the season.

Some reports have mentioned Oakland Raiders coach Lane Kiffin as
a possible candidate to replace Nutt. Kiffin said this week that
was news to him. The only person to declare interest in the job
publicly has been Razorbacks defensive coordinator Reggie Herring,
who was named interim coach after Nutt's departure.

Tuberville has been in talks with Auburn about a contract
extension. Athletic director Jay Jacobs said Auburn has agreed to
lengthen the coach's contract, but declined to discuss details.

On the radio show, Tuberville said some changes are needed at
Auburn, which he said needs a plan to improve its facilities.

"I've been here nine years and think I'm pretty experienced in
what I feel and our staff feels needs to happen for us to go to
another level, get back to Atlanta [to the Southeastern Conference
title game] and win in Atlanta," he said.

But, Tuberville added: "People don't need to panic or

"This is for the betterment of Auburn. Obviously, I always look
out for my family, which is our coaches and our families. I want to
make sure everybody is happy and healthy, but also has a chance to
have success. We've had great success in nine years. We want the
success to improve in the next nine years. I think everybody wants

As Arkansas fans wait for a coach, they might want to root for
LSU against Tennessee in the SEC title game Saturday. The
Razorbacks are hoping to go to the Cotton Bowl, and they feel their
chances are better if LSU wins.

McFadden was bothered by ankle and shoulder problems late last
season, when he was held under 100 yards rushing in both the SEC
championship game and Capital One Bowl. McFadden says he's feeling
good now and is looking forward to finishing this season strong.

"This time last year, my ankle was pretty beat up," McFadden