Ohio State, USC top targets of fans' ire

The college football team fans love to hate? The discussion used to begin and end in South Bend. But Notre Dame's drop in the polls also has caused the Irish to drop in my rankings that are topped by college football's Public Enemy No. 1.

1. Ohio State
Many college football fans are hoping they don't have to watch the Buckeyes lose in the BCS championship game again. Most of those same fans only wish their teams had gotten there the last two seasons.

2. USC
No team has been as dominant during the last decade as the Trojans. A lot of fans wonder why the NCAA hasn't taken a closer look at how USC has done it.

3. Notre Dame
The Fighting Irish used to own the top spot on this list. Notre Dame used to win a lot more games, too.

4. Florida
The Gators don't get opposing fans' blood boiling as much as they used to -- like when former coach Steve Spurrier was taking jabs at many of his team's opponents. But many fans just can't believe quarterback Tim Tebow is really that good.

5. Oklahoma
The Sooners might be Ohio State Lite. Bob Stoops keeps getting his teams to BCS bowl games, but somehow keeps losing them.

6. Michigan
Add another fan base -- West Virginia -- to the growing allegiance of Wolverine haters.

7. Texas
Fans who hate the Longhorns are more envious than anything else. Everything is bigger in Texas, including the recruiting base, coaching salaries and tradition.

8. Alabama
Many college football fans are tired of hearing about Paul "Bear" Bryant. The Crimson Tide will never stop talking about him.

9. Miami
Coach Randy Shannon has gone a long way in cleaning up the Hurricanes' off-field image. Unfortunately, there was two decades' worth of garbage to clean up.

10. Tennessee
Unless you're a Volunteer fan, "Rocky Top" might sound like Sheryl Crow covering Guns N' Roses.

Mark Schlabach covers college football and men's college basketball for ESPN.com. You can contact him at schlabachma@yahoo.com.