Boston College WR Megwa's broken leg could mean the end of his career

BOSTON -- Boston College receiver Clarence Megwa had to
postpone surgery on his right leg Wednesday because of
complications arising from the horrific injury he sustained in the
fourth quarter of the Eagles' loss to Clemson.

Megwa is out for the remainder of the season, and the BC junior
might be done with football altogether.

"I'm just hoping the guy can walk again," coach Jeff
Jagodzinski said. "It's the same thing [Joe] Theismann had. It was
snapped in two. So whether he plays again next year ... see what I

In 1985, a national television audience saw Washington Redskins
quarterback Joe Theismann's leg broken when he was sacked by Giants
linebacker Lawrence Taylor - a hit that has come to define gruesome
sports injuries. Megwa broke both bones in his lower leg when he
was hit by Clemson linebacker DeAndre McDaniel after what would
have been a first-down reception.

"I was on the field at the time. I just remember looking at the
leg. I was, like, traumatized," BC receiver Rich Gunnell
said."I've talked to him a few times. I haven't been able to see
him. He's doing all right."