Players react to Jim Tressel leaving

Reaction from current and former Ohio State players to the resignation of coach Jim Tressel:

• "You have done a tremendous amount for us as football players but more importantly developing us as men." -- Twitter post from Andrew Sweat, starting linebacker for Buckeyes

• "Coach Tressel was one of the most honorable men I ever had the chance of being around..he taught me endless life lessons...Thank you coach." -- Tweet from Michael Brewster, starting center for Buckeyes

• "So much love for coach tress. Promise no team wanna play us .#onamission" -- Tweet from Jordan Hall, running back for Buckeyes

• "This will make us stronger as a team aNd tougher as individuals we gone pull this together and make it happen #beastmode" -- Tweet from Travis Howard, cornerback for Buckeyes

• "I don't know all the details but I know the impact Coach Tressel made on my life as a leader. He helped mold me into the man, the father and the husband that I am today. He taught me that life is more important than football. He preached being a great person and great citizen as much as a great player. It's disheartening. And it was disheartening to hear so many negative things being said about him. Because I know the person I thought Coach Tressel was. And the person I still do today." -- Marcus Freeman, former Buckeyes linebacker and current Kent State linebackers coach

• He will always be a great leader and mentor to me and I hope he lands on his feet if he ever wants to coach again. It was sad to see guys piling on. He was being kicked when he was down." -- Jay Richardson, former Buckeyes defensive end

• "In our facility it was family first. He looked at his players as family members and so he tried to keep our mistakes inside and pull us aside to deal with them He felt he was protecting his family. I feel he was trying to look out for them the best he could." -- Richardson

• "The reality is this will have an impact on his legacy. But you can't ignore the numbers and the championships. Legacy or not he should still be considered one of the best coaches in college football history." -- Richardson

• "I don't know if he knew or not (that players were receiving special benefits). Maybe he didn't want to hurt his players and made the rational decision to look the other way. Maybe he figured he wouldn't win the Big Ten championship if he turned them in." -- Jermil Martin, former Buckeyes running back

• "He's on to bigger things now. I bet we'll see him in the NFL." -- Martin

• "Do they not understand that only society will suffer more not having a Jim tressel around! He's more than a coach to alot of guys !" -- Tweet from Beanie Wells, former Buckeyes running back

• "Alot of the players that came thru OSU are like myself and don't come from the ideal situation and when u have a guy like tress that steps in as a father, mentor, friend and teacher! It only helps the maturation process from a boy to man! And that alone is worth more than winnin Any football games!" -- Tweet from Wells

• "Sad day to be a buckeye. #coach tressel you will be missed. No one understands what that man has taught me and done or me" -- Tweet from Cameron Heyward, former Buckeyes defensive end

Information from ESPN's Joe Schad and ESPN.com's Tom Farrey was used in this report.