Storm Klein's father threatens action

The father of Ohio State linebacker Storm Klein said his son told the NCAA on Wednesday that he did not obtain tattoos, money or drugs from a Columbus tattoo shop in exchange for autographs or memorabilia.

"My son has no tattoos on his body," Jason Klein said. "I have all of his memorabilia. What has been written is preposterous. My son has been routinely tested for drugs and has never had a positive test."

Jason Klein said he will hire an attorney and plans to take action against Sports Illustraed, which published a story that cited an anonymous tattoo shop employee as identifying Storm as one of at least nine active players alleged to have made such trades.

Jason Klein said he believes all the players were interviewed by the NCAA and that others have made similar denials.

"These kids have been demonized," Jason Klein said. "It has been my son's dream to play for Ohio State and we are devastated by what has occurred."

Jason Klein said he could not say if his son had ever visited the tattoo shop involved in the investigation. Earlier Thursday, Sports Illustrated said it stands by its story.

Joe Schad is a college football reporter for ESPN.com.