NCAA still investigating Ohio State

The NCAA returned to Columbus last week to investigate allegations that former Ohio State player Terrelle Pryor and other Buckeyes received improper benefits at a private golf course. Regan Koivisto, former general manager of the Scioto Reserve country club, says he met with NCAA investigators late last week.

In June, Koivisto told ESPN an employee made him aware that Pryor and several other Buckeyes were spotted at a private golf course with memorabilia salesman Dennis Talbott. Koivisto said he called then-coach Jim Tressel's office and spoke with his secretary about the observations. Koivisto said the secretary asked whether Tressel could return his call, but he never heard from anyone at Ohio State.

It is unclear whether any of the players reimbursed Talbott for the $80- to $100-a-round guest fees. Even if they had, gaining access to the premier club through Talbott was an exclusive benefit and a possible NCAA violation, because Pryor received the extra benefits based on his sports notoriety.