Final Bottom 10 finds 2007's real McCoys

The Bottom 10 inspirational thoughts of the week:

Hang on sloopy, sloopy hang on
Hang on sloopy, sloopy hang on

Sloopy lives in a very bad part of town
and everybody yeah, tries to put my sloopy down
Sloopy I don't care, what your daddy do
Cuz you know sloopy, girl, I'm in love with you

and so I sing out

Hang on sloopy, sloopy hang on
Hang on sloopy, sloopy hang on

-- "Hang On Sloopy," The McCoys

In 1985, the Ohio General Assembly approved "Hang on Sloopy" as Ohio's official rock song. The Bottom 10 enjoys variety too much to take that kind of step. But considering what took place in New Orleans one week ago, we'll adopt the 1965 hit by The McCoys as the official rock song of the 2007 season's final Bottom 10.

Ohio State definitely lives in a very bad part of town. The Buckeyes are in the highly coveted No. 5 spot. After LSU became the latest SEC school to feast on OSU in the Allstate BCS National Championship Game, you kind of had to see that one coming. But the Bottom 10 is in love with more than the Buckeyes, who share the honor with all the BCS games. Georgia rolled Hawaii in an over-before-it-started Allstate Sugar Bowl. West Virginia thumped Oklahoma in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. Kansas edged Virginia Tech in the FedEx Orange Bowl, but did that game really leave you wanting more? Out in Pasadena, USC rolled over Illinois in the Rose Bowl presented by Citi.

(Note: "Sloopy" was composed by Bert Russell and Wes Farrell in 1965. In that same year, John Tatgenhorst, then an arranger for the Ohio State University Marching Band, created the band's now-famous arrangement of "Sloopy," first performed at the Ohio State-Illinois football game on Oct. 9, 1965. Hmmm. Seems fitting that "Sloopy," the Buckeyes and Illini are together again on Jan. 14, 2008.)

Florida International's flirtation with Bottom 10 perfection ended with a win against North Texas, so FIU slipped to No. 3 in the final standings. Utah State won its final two games to fall completely out of the tantalizing 10. But 10 is still the key number. Idaho and SMU both lost their final 10 games of the season to move to No. 1 and No. 2 in the final standings.

We'll let some other songs from the "Best of the McCoys" guide us through the final Bottom 10 of the 2007 season.

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So, with apologies to Steve Harvey, here's the Bottom 10:

Waiting list: Baylor (3-9), Colorado State (3-9), Kent State (3-9), Ole Miss (3-9), Notre Dame (3-9), Syracuse (2-10) and Utah State (2-10).

David Duffey is the college football editor at ESPN.com.