Hall and Oates help call the Hogs

The Bottom 10 inspirational thoughts of the week:

What I want, you've got
And it might be hard to handle
But like the flame that burns the candle
The candle feeds the flame
What I've got's full stock of thoughts and dreams that scatter
You pull them all together
And how, I can't explain
But you make my dreams come true

-- "You Make My Dreams," Daryl Hall and John Oates

John Oates returned to North Penn High School in Lansdale, Pa., on Monday for an acoustic performance at his alma mater.

"I flitted between worlds," Oates said in a phone interview with The Philadelphia Inquirer before the show. "I was a musician and an athlete. I ran with the bad crowd and the good crowd. It was before the social revolution, the last years of that kind of innocent period."

Several members of the Week 2 Bottom 10 have run with the good and bad crowds. Before joining the Bottom 10, there was a time when Arkansas, Syracuse and Washington State recorded hits in the Top 25.

Other teams seem destined to keep cranking out the Bottom 10 hits. While FIU jumped to No. 1 after a 42-0 loss at Iowa, San Diego State went from No. 1 to No. 4 after almost beating Notre Dame. Wins by Idaho and SMU earned the Vandals and Ponies an exit. Army and Kent State moved in to take their place.

If athletics doesn't work out for the Bottom 10's band, there's always, well, band. (The Wyoming band always has been a Bottom 10 favorite. Of course, who could resist those uniforms?) That transition worked out for Oates.

For those who dare to dream big, Oates said: "I'm living proof that you can go to North Penn High School and go somewhere after that. You have to have passion, first of all, and follow your passion."

Our passion is following the Bottom 10. And our passion led us to Arkansas this week. Sure, the Razorbacks are 2-0, but two come-from-behind wins over Western Illinois and Louisiana-Monroe have the Hogs in the highly coveted No. 5 spot.

Pillow fight of the week: San Diego State at San Jose State.

Time to sit back and let the musical stylings of Hall and Oates guide us through the Week 2 Bottom 10 for 2008.

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So, with apologies to Steve Harvey, here's the Bottom 10:

Waiting list: Celebration flag on Washington, Maryland (1-1), San Jose State (1-1), Toledo (0-1), UAB (0-2), UTEP (0-2) and Virginia (1-1).

David Duffey is the college football editor at ESPN.com.