Originally Published: August 15, 2014

First and thirteen

AFTER DECADES of our pleas for a college football playoff, salvation has arrived in the form of this year's new, unassailably perfect four-team playoff system. So long, BCS computers! Hello, 13-member selection committee comprising the likes of Tom Osborne, Condoleezza Rice and a star chamber of athletic grandees. Wait ... what?!? Yes, that's right. In an effort to please our nation's whiniest fans, the powers that be have replaced the most debated scheme in college sports with a panel that runs the risk of pleasing no one-and that every half-lit bar-stool jockey will likely accuse of bias.

So we went and put the panel to a stress test, scouring résumés and CVs in search of biases. Our verdict? In truth, the committee can't be biased -- because it's so biased. Or in the lingo of group theory: If a group is under the sway of this many allegiances, it collectively has none at all. So when the panel passes on OSU and you learn the chairman's wife is from Ann Arbor, or when it votes against Florida and you think it's because Archie's son Peyton went 0-4 against the Gators, go on and cry for the old computers. We'll be the ones ignoring you. Anthony Olivieri and Ross Marrinson

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