Completing the puzzle

(Editor's note: Senior Morgan Valley, a 6-foot reserve guard at Connecticut, has shared a diary with ESPN.com throughout the season.)

March 31, 2004

OK, I kind of slipped off in my writing of the diary in the last two weeks, but I have had a lot on my mind.

I cannot believe -- I mean, I can believe but it still hasn't sunk in -- that we are going to the Final Four! This year has just been so great. I mean, this time of year is so much fun. There is basketball on all the time. That is all we talk about and the emotion and excitement is just like nothing else.

The sad part is that people have to go home after it's over. People who have worked hard for four years and soon theirs/mine collegiate careers will be over. That is the only part of the Final Four that really and truly stinks.

I have never been to New Orleans before and I am really excited. This is my last go-around, and with this group of people we really want to make this last year special.

Let me tell you, it has definitely been special already, but there is just one more thing we must do to complete the puzzle.

We will see you in New Orleans. Peace.