Police report no arrests, disturbances

EAST LANSING, Mich. -- Michigan State fans watched Tuesday night as the Spartans fell short of winning their first women's basketball national championship.

The Spartans lost 84-62 to Baylor in the title game.

But fans didn't celebrate the way they did last weekend when police arrested 43 people, mostly for disorderly conduct, after disturbances erupted in downtown East Lansing and at a nearby apartment complex.

A handful of police officers stood around Tuesday near where tear gas had been thrown Saturday to break up the crowd after the men's team lost to North Carolina in the national semifinals.

East Lansing police Sgt. Jeff Murphy said authorities had made no arrests related to any kind of disturbances.

"It's just a normal Tuesday night," Murphy said.

Michigan State seniors Lauren Hamilton, Victoria Rice and Kristin Foster watched the game at Buffalo Wild Wings in East Lansing and said many people have been talking about the women's team during its run through the NCAA Tournament. The top-seeded Spartans beat Tennessee 68-64 on Sunday night to advance to the title game.

"We usually expect boys' sports to overshadow girls' sports, but because this team has been so successful, they have been getting more attention," said Rice, a 21-year-old old Elk Rapids native.

Foster said she went to St. Louis to see the men's Final Four, where the Spartans lost to North Carolina 87-71. The Tar Heels went on to win the national championship Monday over Illinois.

"You couldn't have ended a season better than these girls did," Foster, 21, of Sandusky, said as the game ended. "The girls lost but we couldn't have been prouder of them to make it all the way to the national championship."

"We've never had a season like this before," said 25-year-old Amanda Wing of East Lansing. "There's always the future."

Erica Scott, 24, of Lansing, said she was disappointed by the women's loss.

"I was looking at it as if the girls would do well even if the guys didn't win," said the medical assistant. "I had high hopes for the girls."