Candace and Courtney take on C-3PO

Will the real CP3 please stand up? That's "CP" -- for both Candace Parker of Tennessee and Courtney Paris of Oklahoma -- and the No. 3, which adorns both jerseys.

This season, the freshmen -- who were once roommates while competing for youth USA Basketball teams -- have become two of the nation's most dominant players. And while their stats speak for themselves, fans and message boarders have declared CP3 as the moniker for both.

And yes, we know NBA rookie Chris Paul also is in the running, but we thought we'd see how the women's basketball versions of CP3 match up against each other. And just for fun, how they match up with … C-3PO.

Graham Hays is a regular contributor to ESPN.com's women's basketball coverage, which is coordinated by Melanie Jackson.