LSU paid former coach $160K in contract settlement

BATON ROUGE, La. -- LSU has paid former women's basketball coach Pokey Chatman the $160,000 owed her as a result of a recent contract settlement that followed her abrupt resignation from the school earlier this year, Chatman's lawyer said Wednesday.

Chatman resigned March 7, shortly before the NCAA Tournament, after assistant coach Carla Berry raised allegations of improper conduct with a former player or players. The team went on to reach
the Final Four under assistant Bob Starkey, now the associate head
coach under new coach Van Chancellor.

In a settlement announced in mid-June, LSU offered Chatman $85,000 in postseason bonus money, on top of the $75,000 both sides agreed she was due for a total of $160,000.

On Wednesday, Chatman's lawyer, Mary Olive Pierson, said in a news release that she received on Chatman's behalf a check for $75,000 from LSU and a check for $85,000 from the Tiger Athletic Foundation.

"Coach Chatman has authorized me to say that she is very pleased that LSU accepted the proposal she made to resolve this matter. She is happy to put this chapter behind her and move on to a successful future. She has discovered in this process that she has a wide array of fans, friends and supporters throughout the United States and she appreciates all of their contacts and warm wishes," Pierson said.

In April, Piersen said that at the time Chatman left LSU, she had been given two hours to resign or be fired and that she was entitled to damages and compensation for the final two years of her contract.