Texas basketball team OK after plane rolls off taxiway

LINCOLN, Neb. -- The jet carrying the Texas women's
basketball team got stuck in the mud when the plane rolled off the
taxiway. No injuries or damage were reported.

The No. 15-ranked team was on a charter flight from Austin on
Tuesday night and played at Nebraska on Wednesday night.

The Longhorns shot just 26 percent from the field as Nebraska won 56-45.

Team spokeswoman Barb Kowal was aboard and told the Lincoln
Journal Star nobody panicked when the jet rolled off the pavement.

"Most people were sleeping," Kowal said.

There were 31 passengers and seven crew members on the Boeing
737, according to operator Ameristar Jet Charter of Dallas.

The jet landed without problems and was traveling at low speed,
Lincoln Airport executive director John Wood said. After it turned
off the runway and headed for the terminal, the pilot reported he
lost hydraulic power and couldn't steer. Wood said the plane ran 50
feet off the edge of the pavement about 100 yards from the terminal
gate before stopping in the mud.

"We haven't finished all the inspections required," said Stacy
Muth, Ameristar Jet Charter vice president of operations. "We know
the hydraulic line failed."

Two pro teams encountered similar trouble late last year.

In November, the Detroit Red Wings escaped injury when a jet's
right wheels got stuck in the grass and mud at the airport outside
St. Louis. In December, the Buffalo Bills' charter plane became
stuck in the mud in Cleveland after the pilot took too wide a turn
from one taxiway to another. The team was not on board and took
buses back to Buffalo.