Summitt injures shoulder while chasing away raccoon

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Tennessee coach Pat Summitt didn't look too uncomfortable Friday, jumping up and down on the sideline in the Southeastern Conference tournament.

Not bad for someone who dislocated a shoulder in an encounter with a raccoon.

Summitt had taken her golden Labrador out for a walk Wednesday night when they came back to find the raccoon on the deck at her home.

"I momentarily lost it," Summitt told WBIR-TV in Knoxville. "The raccoon was about to attack. I just knocked it off the deck, and fortunately nothing happened but a dislocated shoulder, and it's back in place."

Summitt showed no sign of injury Friday in Nashville, and she told the TV station the shoulder wouldn't bother her at the SEC tournament. And she learned a lesson about dealing with raccoons.

"When I realized what could have happened, it almost brought me to tears," she said. "It wasn't very smart on my part."