Let's make a meal

(Editor's note: Maryland's Shay Doron, a 5-foot-9 sophomore guard, will share a diary with ESPN.com throughout the season.)

Jan. 18, 2005

Last week, we had a late Christmas/New Year's team party. Imagine our surprise when Mark (Director of Basketball Operations) came into our locker room and told us we would be cooking the meal! Many of us are not cooks ... if you haven't already guessed. We had to pick out of a hat as a class -- the freshmen were in charge of salad and breadsticks; sophomores had appetizers; the juniors had dessert; and the seniors got the main dish.

The night before the party, I went to google.com and looked up some recipes on the internet to get ideas. The step-by-step instructions were helpful since I'm one of the many who cannot cook. We (the sophomores) ended up making guacamole as well as broccoli and cheese dip.

The only blunder the sophomores had was after blending the broccoli and cheese, Kalika (France) tried to put it in a bowl and all of it ended up on the floor -- oops! The blunder the juniors had while making their cake (boxed cake where everything is ready and all you need to add are eggs, water and oil) was they forgot the eggs! It was really funny because it's almost impossible to mess up the cake, yet they found a way. The main meal was chicken with potatoes and rice. It was really great. The seniors -- Liz (Gilchrest) and Anesia (Smith) -- did a great job.

At the party we also exchanged secret Santa gifts. My teammate, Angel, was my secret Santa and she was mine (not on purpose, it just worked out that way). Anesia's was Harp's (Laura Harper, the one who hurt her foot) secret Santa and Anesia got her ONE shoe. It was a great night of eating, singing and watching football.

The next night we played No. 5 North Carolina. No one thought we had a chance ... we came out intense and ready to go. With a crowd of nearly 6,000, we beat UNC!! And on national TV! It was amazing! Never had we played a better team game. It was great for Anesia, who's a senior and has never beaten the Tar Heels in her career.

But now it's time to move on and get focused again. Today, we're flying to Georgia Tech and then straight to Florida State for two hard away games. Wish us luck. Until next time. Byyeeeeeeeee!