'Wild Girls' score OT win over Wildcats

(Editor's note: Maryland's Shay Doron, a 5-foot-9 sophomore guard, will share a diary with ESPN.com throughout the season.)

Feb. 2, 2005

School started up again on Wednesday. We had a much-needed break from classes over the winter break, which was great. But now, it's back to school.

This week we played Duke and then flew straight to Arizona to play the Wildcats. We left right after the Duke game and flew to Arizona on a chartered flight. We had to stop midway to Tucson to get gas. Needless to say, the flight was very, very long. We arrived in Arizona at around 3 a.m. (6 a.m. our time) and it was straight to bed for all of us.

The next day, we had a light practice and then we went to dinner. I really liked the restaurant. It was a western theme setting and it was located in a little, fenced-off town with nice shops, shows and a train ride, also western style. The conductor even had on a uniform.

In the restaurant, anyone wearing a tie would have the tie cut off and hung on the ceiling. As they put it, "We have only one rule here, no ties! What do we do? CUT'em OFF!"

We all ordered huge steaks and lots of ribs. It was delicious. While waiting for the food (since there were 45 people in our party, it did take awhile to feed us), my teammates, Anesia, C'Vette, Charmaine and Angel went to get their pictures taken. But not regular pictures -- the ones where you wear old western clothes in the old western setting in black and white. We were all sitting at the table when they showed up wearing the old western costume clothing like in the pictures. It was very funny. They all had fake guns and wore cowboy hats.

After dinner, Jade, Crystal, Ashleigh, Kim and Yerma (two of our managers) and I went to take the pictures, as well. Our theme: "The Wild Girls." The picture came out great, other than two things: 1) They did not have shoes big enough to fit Jade and Lang, so they are both barefoot, and; 2) Some of our teammates were making me laugh and my face was supposed to be serious but it came out in between serious and laughing. So it looks really weird because my eyes are wide open.

After beating Arizona in overtime, thanks to an awesome shot by Jade Perry with 0.8 seconds left, we showered and got straight on the plane. We finally got back home, and by the time I got into bed after scraping all the layers of ice off my car, it was 4 a.m.

Sunday I enjoyed my day off. I went to the supermarket and caught up on school reading because we missed two days of classes. All I know is it's good to be home for a while and this day off was much needed -- mentally and physically.

Until next time!