Meet the Fockers? Try Foleys

(Editor's note: Duke junior Jessica Foley, a 6-foot junior guard from Australia, will share a diary with ESPN.com throughout the season.)

Dec. 13, 2004

Finals are finally over!!! Last week was a tough one for the team. We had to take our final exams and then still find some focus for practices in between. Many of the girls had red eyes from lack of sleep. Basketballs were fumbled off feet and thrown out of bounds (more than usual ...), and there were test crib sheets sitting on the bench for quick reminders at drink breaks.

Now that it exams are over, we have time to kill, movies to watch and a lot of basketball to play. I personally am expecting some very special visitors in the near future ...

Yes, it's time to "MEET THE FOLEYS." My parents are making their first trip to Duke from Australia. They are excited to finally put a face on all the players they follow on game-tracker. I am excited to finally get a Christmas with my family. And most importantly, my parents will be bringing my favorite chocolate, vegemite and Milo (better version of Nestle Quick).

I have a feeling the team will be working on its Australian accent while my parents are here, too. Over the last two years, every time my parents have called me, Lindsey has demanded to speak to them. She has then proceeded to mimic my mum or dad for the next week. A favorite of hers is, "Why, hullo thar, Linszee."

Ali Bales has also been perfecting her Australian-English for some time now, so she will certainly be excited to have more practice. Some of her favorites are:

  • Why, it's cold outside. I had better put on a jumper (sweater).

  • That's dodgy (sketchy).

  • There is heaps of food at home.

    OK, well we have some big games coming up with Jacksonville State, Purdue and Ball State, so I hope to see some of you at the games. Otherwise, I will update you on the happenings of the Duke Women ... and the Aussie visitors again soon.