Beware of carolers

Editor's note: Duke junior Jessica Foley, a 6-foot guard from Australia, will share a diary with ESPN.com throughout the season.

Dec. 29, 2004

Holiday greetings to all! Although I'm afraid I have some bad news for basketball supporters: The players on the Duke women's basketball team, myself included, have decided to hang up our high-tops and try our hand in the glitzy and glamorous music business.

We discovered our hidden musical talents last week when we were up in the coaches offices wrapping Christmas gifts that the staff and players had purchased for Durham families in difficulty this Christmas.

As we wrapped the gifts, our captain, Monique Curry (lead vocalist), led us all in some Christmas carols. Midway through "The Twelve Days of Christmas," we realized we had missed our true calling in life ... we weren't born to be basketball players; we were meant to be in a choir!

The visit with the families went well and our voices were well received. However, I have cause to believe that the high praise we had been receiving was actually just kind courtesy on the part of the families ... because, later that week we took our singing act to the kids at the Ronald McDonald House on Duke's campus, and we were given harsh criticism ... and the cold, hard truth.

These kids are the real deal. Many of them have been in Durham, away from their homes and school for months, receiving treatment for acute illness at the Duke hospital. It was amazing to see the fight in these children. They had tremendous attitudes and weren't afraid to stand up and tell us we should stick to basketball and give up on our music careers. So maybe we will ... for now anyway.

My funny moment of the week ...
Well, it made me giggle anyway ...

Wynter Whitley busted into the coaches' office as we were wrapping the gifts for the families. With a concerned look on her face she asked us, "Do ... do you guys hear that?" We all stopped what we were doing and fell silent. Yet not a sound was to be heard. I was wondering if she was crazy.

Then Wynter burst into song, "I hear those sleigh bells ringing and jing jing jingling too ..."

Hilarious! She watches way too much "Saturday Night Live."