And in this corner ...

Editor's note: Duke junior Jessica Foley, a 6-foot guard from Australia, will share a diary with ESPN.com throughout the season.

Jan. 31, 2005

Hey all! Well, my parents arrived back in Australia safely and took with them the good weather we enjoyed in Durham over Christmas break. In fact, just a week after they left Durham, we got our first flurries of snow and the start to a run of bad luck on the team.

The curse started to weave its web on Wynter Whitley. She was driving to practice on the icy roads, and as she rounded the final corner before reaching Cameron Indoor, her car slipped on the ice and she ran straight into a Duke Security car. Not to worry, there were no major injuries, just a small dent in Wynter's pride and a bigger dent in the security car.

Next to fall victim was Mistie Williams -- and it happened at the same corner. Just moments after Wynter hit the security car, Mistie slid around the same corner and was headed straight for a BMW, so she swerved and hit a Duke campus bus instead.

As both Wynter and Mistie negotiated the damage to their cars, along came Monique Currie. She saw the girls in trouble on the road and started to slow her car to help the girls out (or so she says). But then Monique's car started to slip as well, so she drove off and left them to fend for themselves.

Finally, Lindsey Harding arrived on the scene and stopped to check on the girls. Practice didn't start on time that day, as we only have eight players, and two of them were missing. So when everyone finally showed up, the stories were told and giggles were had all round. Coach G thought the best part was how Mo drove right on by the girls and it was Lindsey who stopped to help. Although Mo claims she tried to stop, I think we all know the true story.

The third bad incident to strike the team occurred last week when we lost to the girls in Carolina blue up the road. It was agony; UNC finally got some revenge on us. But Mum always said that ill fate runs in threes, so hopefully that loss was the end of the curse.

Finally, I have a few updates. Caitlin Howe is off her crutches and walking about. She will start her pool rehab now and join us back on the court ASAP. Also, we have had some shoutouts from former players Vicki Krapohl, who's working for General Electric up in Cincinnati, and Alana Beard, who is currently playing great basketball over in Korea. Thanks, guys!!

OK, please come and support us, guys. Bye for now,

Jessica Foley