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Charlie Creme 

There was a play with about 6:30 minutes in the 3rd quarter that perfectly illustrated the greatness of UCONN and why the Huskies are so good/better than the rest of the country. Samuelson contested a layup attempt by UCLA and prevented a score without a foul. On the ensuing mini-break all 5 Huskies touched the ball, which barely hit the floor. Two good shots were passed up for a possible better opportunity. That chance arrived in a wide open 3 by Saniya Chong, which she buried. Beautiful basketball at its fundamental best. No one does that as consistently as UCONN.

Graham Hays 

Scary thought about Oregon for the rest of the Pac 12 and rest of the country. Some people think incoming recruit Satou Sabally, from Germany, might be the best of the whole young bunch. Coach Kelly Graves had good fortune with Germany in his last stop with Sunny Greinacher at Gonzaga.

Graham Hays 

Earlier this week, Oregon coach Kelly Graves recalled that after about two or three minutes of Duke game in second round, he walked up and down the bench telling players "Guys, we're better than them." Never sensed nervousness: "I think they've had kind of a fun loving atmosphere the whole time. ... These kids are a little goofy. They're just having some fun."