Eiland: Fans are going to 'love' Vazquez

BALTIMORE -- Yankees pitching coach Dave Eiland thinks that Yankees fans are not only going to stop booing Javier Vazquez, they are going to love him.

In an interview for 1050 ESPN New York's Baseball Tonight, Eiland said that he needs to keep Vazquez focused on his job, not potential boos when Vazquez goes in front of Yankee fans on Saturday.

"That's my job, to keep his focus on pitching," Eiland said. "My message has always been one pitch at a time, one hitter at a time, one inning at a time, and that is what he has to do. Part of pitching here in New York is you have to block out some of this stuff. This is a tough place to pitch. He has pitched here before and he has had a lot of success here so I expect him to get things rolling again.

"These New York fans are passionate and rightfully so. He's going to be fine. I hope they have a little bit of patience with him. In the end, they are going to love him and not want to boo him."

One person who has not shown love for Vazquez is Curt Schilling. What did Eiland think of Schilling's comments about Vazquez?

"I don't pay too much attention to what happens outside this clubhouse," Eiland said. "Everyone is entitled to their opinion and that's fine. That's the American way and God bless them all."

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