Yankees look to ride Subway to victory

NEW YORK -- Nick Swisher found it a little hard to get too worked up about another Subway Series as the Yankees struggle to find footing during an injury-plagued May. The right fielder is more concerned with stopping a losing streak at three games.

"It's going to be fun -- no doubt about the place is going to be electric, but we're worried about putting some more W's on the board," Swisher said.

On Friday night, the Yankees will try to brush off Thursday's 8-6 loss to the Rays as the team heads across town to Citi Field to start a three-game series against the Mets.

Even Yankees manager Joe Girardi was able to work up only moderate enthusiasm for the series, now that it has become a regular part of the season, but he said it has become a big date on New York's baseball calendar.

"It's a big thing for this city and I think our guys get excited to play," Girardi said. "They were exciting games last year, there was jumping up and down, and I mean guys get excited."

The mood in the Yankees' clubhouse after Thursday's loss to the Rays was anything but excited, and many of the players were measured in their disappointment, including third baseman Alex Rodriguez.

"I think it's not time to panic," Rodriguez said. "It's time to keep perspective, and our objective going into this series is, like any other series, is to win the series and play good, fundamental Yankee baseball."

Keeping calm despite the injuries and losses seemed to be the theme.

"Where we stand, we're on pace to win 100 games, so let's not go jumping off any bridges just yet," Swisher said. "We feel we still have a great team, we just had a bad little stretch. Come back here tomorrow and go to Citi Field and get ready to win another series."

Joba Chamberlain expressed some genuine emotion when it comes to the Subway Series, because it means the team won't actually be traveling.

"It's a road game but it's kind of a home game because you get to sleep in your own bed," Chamberlain said.

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