Derek Jeter sick of talking batting stride

BOSTON -- Hitting .233 after eight games, Derek Jeter is sick of talking about his slightly changed stride in his batting stance.

"I ain't talking about it anymore," Jeter said after the Yankees' 9-4 victory over the Red Sox. "I'm good. People made so much about it. I'm fine."

During his at-bats, Jeter, at times, looks as if he is back to his old stride. During the spring, Jeter and hitting coach Kevin Long spoke extensively about the adjustments they made in September to reduce Jeter's stride and allow him more time to see pitches.

"I'm striding the same," Jeter said. "Everything is the same. I don't know what else to tell you guys."

Jeter went 1-for-4 on Saturday. The one hit was a single. Jeter is now up to 2,933 career hits. With 67 more, he will become the first Yankee with 3,000 career hits.
Of Jeter's seven hits in his 30 at-bats, only one is for extra bases, a double on Friday.

"What am I doing?" Jeter said. "I'm not doing anything different really. I've talked about it enough, to be quite honest with you. I'm not thinking about it, I'm just hitting so I feel pretty good."

Jeter may be feeling a little more comfortable because he appears to be going back to his old stride.

"I've felt pretty good the past few days," Jeter said. "You just want it to carry it and you want it to continue. I'm happy with my at-bats."

Andrew Marchand covers the Yankees for ESPNNewYork.com.