Brian McCann suffers concussion

NEW YORK -- Yankees catcher Brian McCann was forced to leave Friday night's 10-6 win over the Cleveland Indians with what the team described as a mild concussion.

Yankees manager Joe Girardi said he is unsure if McCann will end up on the seven-day concussion list. The protocol is for doctors to make that determination the day after the concussion, according to Girardi.

In the sixth inning, Girardi sent Francisco Cervelli in to pinch hit for McCann. McCann stayed in the game after taking a Mike Aviles foul ball off the mask in the third inning.

"He talked about his jaw," Girardi said, referring to right after the foul ball. "He thought his jaw got jammed. Then talking to him later when he came in in the sixth, he felt he was a little foggy."

McCann did not want to come out, Girardi added, but the manager said he took the decision out of his hands.

"I said, 'You're out,'" Girardi said.

McCann is hitting .238 with 13 homers and 49 RBIs.

"There is concern," said Girardi, a former catcher. "Personally, I never remember feeling like that. I don't feel like I ever had a concussion. But what we know then and what we know now, when someone tells me he doesn't quite feel right, I'm going to be on the side of cautious and that is what we did tonight."