Yanks' Russell Martin talks with MLB

New York Yankees catcher Russell Martin said he spoke to MLB on Friday about his spat with home plate umpire Laz Diaz.

Joe Torre, MLB's vice president for baseball operations, called to find out about the incident -- in which Diaz wouldn't allow Martin to throw new baseballs to his pitchers after fouls in the Yankees' 6-5 victory over the Angels on Wednesday. It was Diaz's way of punishing Martin because he argued some balls and strikes.

"He just wanted to know what happened," Martin said of the phone call with Torre. "I guess he spoke to Laz and wanted to speak to me to see both sides of the story.''

Martin isn't sure if MLB will take action with any sort of fine.

"I haven't been told anything,'' he said. "I don't want anybody to get fined, to be honest. That day is over. I already feel like it's already old news to me.''

Martin said he doesn't regret anything that happened Wednesday in Anaheim.

"I don't,'' he said. "I didn't say anything that bad.''

Martin added that after talking with Torre, he believes the matter is closed.

Joe Girardi, a former catcher, doesn't expect there to be any carryover the next time Diaz is behind the plate working a Yankees game.

"We might not see him for three months,'' Girardi said. "I'm not concerned. And I'm sure baseball will watch. He understands that, too. This will die. I don't think this will become a huge story.''