David Wright against in-season talks

NEW YORK -- New York Mets third baseman David Wright will not discuss his contract with the team during this season or next, and will engage in contract talks only during the offseason, he told WFAN radio Friday. Wright has a $16 million team option for the 2013 season.

"I think that there's too much good going on right now with this team and so many positive vibes with this team right now that it wouldn't be fair to my teammates; it wouldn't be fair to this team to do something as selfish as talk about a contract for me," Wright said. "It doesn't just affect me, it affects the guys in the clubhouse and it affects the vibe that's in the clubhouse.

"Like I said, it's part of the business but in the same hand, it's selfish when I feel I'm discussing me when we should be discussing we as a team, especially the good start we've gotten off to."

Wright said his previous experience signing a deal in 2006 helped lead him to this decision. He understands the difficulty of having to prepare for a game while dealing with contract talks. He stressed winning and his love for the organization, and added that the Mets did not come to him regarding putting off the talks.

"I want to win and I want to win badly and this takes away from the way we prepare every day. Having other guys in this clubhouse have to answer about me, I was in this situation last year," Wright told the radio station. "I had to answer about Jose Reyes and I know the last thing I want to do some days is talk about another guy's contract. I don't want those guys to continue to have to talk about this. We have a good thing and I don't want to selfishly put me ahead of the rest of the guys in this clubhouse."

Mets general manager Sandy Alderson said Tuesday that he planned to talk to Wright's agents during the season, although he didn't specifically say an offer would be made. Mets COO Jeff Wilpon said the team will let it play out and "there's no gun to anybody's head," meaning there's no rush to complete a deal.

When asked about Wilpon's comments, Wright said he considers Wilpon a close friend, and that the right time will have to be the offseason to have these talks. The 29-year-old third baseman, who entered Friday night's game with a .365 average, second highest in the National League, wants to be able to help the Mets become a contender.

"I've said it once, said it a million times, I love it here," Wright said. "I want to be a big reason why we get this thing turned around and headed in the right direction and, of course, I want to be a part of it. Those discussions, we'll wait into the offseason when we can kind of delve into that headfirst and not have to worry about Adam Wainwright's curveball and what's going on behind doors with the contract talk."

Matt Ehalt is a regular contributor to ESPNNewYork.com.