Inside the Matchups: Yanks vs. Mets

The Subway Series has more buzz than expected -- thanks mostly to the Mets' surprisingly good start. But who has the better team? The better third baseman? Center fielder? Manager?

Let's see who comes out on top when the games are played on paper pixels.
Here is a look at the position-by-position matchups in this weekend's interborough battle between the New York Yankees and New York Mets:

First Base

Mark Teixeira vs. Ike Davis

Both players have struggled for much of the year, but Davis has been one of the worst regulars in baseball. The Mets have considered sending him down. Teixeira hasn't been $180 million great, but his glove might be the best in the game and his numbers may come close to matching the back of his baseball card.


Second Base

Robinson Cano vs. Daniel Murphy

Murphy has had a good year, but he is powerless. Cano has been very inconsistent this season, raising questions about his concentration. Still, even if the averages are sort of close, there is only once choice here.


Third Base

Alex Rodriguez vs. David Wright

A few years back, this would be a debate, and A-Rod might even win. This season, it is not even close. A-Rod is pedestrian, while Wright has a chance to win an MVP.



Derek Jeter vs. Omar Quintanilla

I don't think we have to write anything about this one.



Russell Martin vs. Josh Thole

Martin is better defensively, but Thole has hit better than Martin all season. Overall, I would probably take Martin. At the moment, though, I'll go with Thole.


Right Field

Nick Swisher vs. Lucas Duda

This is a contract year for Swisher, so he is supposed to be better than Duda. However, this might be the closest matchup. Their numbers are very similar, but Swisher's ridiculously low on-base percentage makes all the difference -- so the nod goes to Duda.


Center Field

Curtis Granderson vs. Andres Torres

Granderson is one of the most lethal home run hitters in all of baseball, Torres hits in the .220s. Torres is probably a bit better than that, but, even at his best, he isn't in Granderson, who has been a MVP-type player dating back to August 2010.


Left Field

Andruw Jones vs. Kirk Nieuwenhuis

With Brett Gardner still out, the Yankees really don't have a regular left fielder. We will put Jones in there for now, and we'll put Nieuwenhuis in there over Bay because he has played there more thus far. Gardner is better than Bay, but Niewenhuis gets the nod over Jones.


Designated Hitter

Raul Ibanez vs. Jason Bay

Ibanez has been as good as the Yankees could have hoped for. He is the lefty DH, while Bay, just off the DL, might be the DH for the weekend. Ibanez is better than anyone the Mets could put out there.


Friday's Starter

Hiroki Kuroda vs. Johan Santana

Santana threw the Mets' first no-hitter in more than a half century. It will be interesting to see how he bounces back a week after his 134-pitch classic. Still, he is the man to take over the so-far inconsistent Kuroda, who is looking for his third straight strong start.


Saturday's Starter

Phil Hughes vs. Dillon Gee

This is a tight one, as both guys have had their struggles this season. Hughes had what could be a breakout start in his last outing in Detroit. Gee also pitched well in his first start in June -- so this could be a good one.


Sunday's Starter

Andy Pettitte vs. Jonathon Niese

Old vs. Young. Pettitte has pitched better than any Yankees starter. Dare we say, he may be better than ever. Since staying healthy over a full season is not part of the criteria for Sunday's start, he has to take the edge.



Even without Mariano Rivera and David Robertson, the Yankees' end game is better than the Mets'. The Mets struggle finding a bridge to Frank Francisco. Plus, Rafael Soriano, the Yanks' third closer of the year, is still better than Francisco.



Joe Girardi vs. Terry Collins

They are both good managers, but Collins is getting more out of his club. Plus, he gets points for being more entertaining, with his willingness to give the media and the fans the straight story about what is going on with his team.


Our final tally has it Yankees 7, Mets 7, but we can't go with a no-decision. So who has the advantage right now? The Yankees are the better team and much more likely to be playing in October. While the Mets have shown all season they can be feisty in these matchups, the Bombers have a little too much talent.