Cashman still likes Yanks' chances

For New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman, it's no Mark Teixeira, no Curtis Granderson, no Alex Rodriguez -- and still no problem making the playoffs.

With first baseman Teixeira ruled out Wednesday for eight to 10 weeks after straining his right wrist, adding to the team's mounting injuries, and with more people around baseball questioning whether the Yankees are too old and brittle to sustain excellence, Cashman told ESPNNewYork.com that he believes his team will make the postseason for the 18th time in 19 seasons.

"I'm very confident in that," Cashman said by phone. "Look at our pitching staff, and we're running out Robinson Cano, running out Derek Jeter, running out Kevin Youkilis, eventually running out Tex and Granderson, a 40-homer center fielder. We're running out high-end players, so when we get our guys back healthy, we're going to be fine."

Two days after breaking his leg and dislocating his ankle in a skydiving jump to raise awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project, Cashman maintained that Teixeira's injury did nothing to temper his postseason expectations.

"No, baseball is a six-month season," he said. "We've got to plug some holes. Injuries are part of the game, and in the past we've found ways to survive when they've hit."

The Yankees have made the playoffs every season since the 1994 players' strike except for 2008. But significant injuries, the advanced age of some players, a loss of power hitters from their roster, and yet another PED scandal involving Rodriguez have inspired some to predict the end of that staggering run.

Cashman sees no such dark period.

"We've had people say that on a yearly basis," he said. "People keep saying we've gotten too old, and we've defied that. We were old and outdated when we beat the Mets in [the World Series in] 2000, and when we went back to the World Series in '01, '03, and '09 and got close in '04.

"The story that we're too old gets written so much that at some point they'll be right. But it's our job to prove them wrong and put a championship-caliber team on the field and see where it takes us. We're dealing with challenging injuries now, but we usually find a way to get through them."