David Wright OK after beaning

NEW YORK -- New York Mets third baseman David Wright was beaned by an 86 mph changeup from Milwaukee Brewers right-hander Johnny Hellweg in the third inning Thursday night's 4-2 loss and departed the game.

Wright subsequently passed a concussion test.

"I feel pretty good. I passed all the concussion tests," Wright said. "I went through that protocol. It seems like it's good. ... I got to a knee and just wanted to collect my thoughts and make sure I was all right before I got up. By that time the decision was already made to take me out."

Wright had just returned last Friday after missing seven weeks with a strained right hamstring.

This marked the second beaning of Wright's major league career. He also was drilled in the helmet by a 94 mph fastball from San Francisco's Matt Cain on Aug. 15, 2009. That time, Wright suffered a concussion and landed on the disabled list.

"It's scary," Wright said. "I've been through that before. This seems different from that. The last one I definitely have something to base it off of. I was a lot more clear and it was a lot less painful this time. So I think they want to see how I feel tomorrow -- wake and run me through some tests."

Wright landed on his right hand awkwardly after getting plunked.

"I guess when I went down I jammed my thumb," he said. "I think that will be fine, also. Just one of those bad-luck things, you know?"

Hellweg was wild Thursday. He hit the next batter, Lucas Duda, and also walked four and uncorked a wild pitch in four innings. He threw only 37 of 80 pitches for strikes.

"That's the last guy on the team I want to hit," Hellweg said of Wright. "All I hear is good things about him. He's a good guy. You don't ever want to hit somebody in the head. It was a changeup and definitely mislocated. I feel awful he had to come out of the game. It got to me a little bit because it's David Wright. That's their guy. And it was in the head, and he had to come out."