Isiah Thomas still wants Knicks title

Isiah Thomas still believes he can help the New York Knicks win a title.

"I want to be on the float and I want to get my ring," Thomas told ESPNNewYork.com.

When Thomas took over the Knicks in 2003 he had planned to bring LeBron James to Madison Square Garden in free agency this past summer. But in 2008, Thomas lost his jobs as president and coach of the Knicks.

Now, he is coaching college basketball at Florida International, just down the road from where James plays with Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat.

"I do find it ironic that we all ended up here in Miami instead of us all ending up in New York," Thomas said. "But it's a four-year deal."

It will be four years before James can opt out on the Heat.

Asked if he hopes to replace Donnie Walsh whenever the 69-year-old Knicks president retires, Thomas said, "Every single day of the week."

"When I look at my GM/executive record, if I'm evaluated on that, then whoever's after Donnie, if you're not talking about some of the top people in the game, I'll put my draft evaluation record up against anyone's."