Carmelo Anthony has no grudge

GREENBURGH, NY -- On the eve of the New York Knicks' rematch with the Boston Celtics, Carmelo Anthony says he has no problem with Boston big man Kevin Garnett.

"It's no bad blood, no grudges between us (or) anything like that," Anthony said after practice on Wednesday. "I don't hold no grudges or have any bad blood towards the guy."

The Knicks will play the Celtics in Boston on Thursday for the first time since trash talk on the court between Garnett and Anthony on Jan. 7 at Madison Square Garden led to a confrontation off the court. Anthony was suspended for his role in pursuing Garnett to the Celtics bus.

In addition to playing against one another on Thursday, Garnett and Anthony will share the floor at the NBA All-Star Game in Houston on Feb. 17. Both are starters for the Eastern Conference.

Anthony doesn't anticipate any carryover from his confrontation with Garnett.

"On my end, there's nothing left over," he said on Tuesday.

Anthony complimented Garnett on his All-Star bid, the 15th of the Celtics star's career.

"At this stage of his career to get another All-Star nod, and starting at that, that just says a lot about him," Anthony said Wednesday.

The Knicks forward was not as diplomatic toward Garnett during and after the Knicks' Jan. 7 loss to Boston.

The day after the game Anthony said he was reacting to an insult from Garnett.

"It's certain things that you just don't say to men, another man," said Anthony.

The Knicks star recently ended a 15-day fast during which he refrained from eating meat, bread and sweets.

He was fasting during the Boston game and did not dispute the notion that the fast may have contributed to his reaction to Garnett.

"It could've," he said. "It's no excuses, but during that time I was de-energized and things like that. But I wouldn't use that as an excuse at this point."

The Knicks have lost four of their past six games and lead the Brooklyn Nets by just one game in the Atlantic Division. The Knicks are six games ahead of the Celtics.

As a result, Anthony says his focus Thursday is on beating Boston, not on evening a score with Garnett.

"We want to win,'' Anthony said on Tuesday. "Do we owe them? Yes, they came here and beat us. We want to go there and return the favor on their court."

Ian Begley is a regular contributor to ESPNNewYork.com.