Eric LeGrand back on a field

Rutgers football player Eric LeGrand was back on a football field Thursday as he recovers from a spinal cord injury.

LeGrand presided over the coin toss for the Snapple Bowl between the Union and Middlesex high school all-star teams at Kean University in Union, N.Y., the Newark Star-Ledger reported. LeGrand was greeted by applause and hugs from players, according to the newspaper.

As has been reported, LeGrand stood for the first time last week, but he reported that it was for seven minutes the first day and eight the next. He told the newspaper that when he can stand for a half hour he will go on a special treadmill to train his legs.

"Everything I do is 100 percent -- that's the way I was taught with my mom," LeGrand said, according to the newspaper. "This is what I learned at Rutgers. Mental toughness. All those drills we do when we're out there, dying on the field. Had to just do it anyway to get through it and not get screamed at. This is how I live my life."

LeGrand said he has great range of motions in his shoulders and can feel muscle contractions in his biceps, triceps, chest and back.

"When you have his attitude," said his mother, Karen LeGrand, according to the Star-Ledger. "You can't fail."