Nagle, Thomas didn't pan out for Jets

As the New York Jets approach the 2011 NFL draft, ESPN New York decided to take a look back at the past two decades and some of the busts the Jets drafted.


QB -- Browning Nagle (Round 2, 1991)

Nicknamed "Nuke" LaLoosh of "Bull Durham" fame -- million-dollar arm, 10-cent brain.

RB -- Blair Thomas (Round 1, 1990)

Chosen No. 2 overall, ahead of Cortez Kennedy, Junior Seau and Emmitt Smith. Symbolized a dark era for Jets.

RB -- LaMont Jordan (Round 2, 2001)

Showed promise as Curtis Martin's backup, but left for Oakland, hit cruise control and never fulfilled potential.

RB -- Alex Van Dyke (Round 2, 1996)

After picking Keyshawn Johnson No. 1 overall, Rich Kotite wanted another receiver. Ugh! Finished with 26 career catches.

WR -- Ryan Yarborough (Round 2, 1994)

Jets wanted WR Isaac Bruce, picked eight spots earlier. Settled for guy that never caught more than 18 passes in a season.

TE -- Johnny Mitchell (Round 1, 1992)

Had the physical tools to be great, but incredibly immature. Tried comeback, but left camp unannounced in middle of night.

OL -- David Loverne (Round 3, 1999)

Coaches called him a sleeper; too bad he never woke up. Never started a game for Jets.

OL -- Matt O'Dwyer (Round 2, 1995)

Best known for kicking out window of police cruiser after being arrested in barroom brawl.

OL -- Adrian Jones (Round 4, 2004)

A soft player without a true position. Started one full season at left tackle -- same year Jets lost two QBs. Coincidence?

OL -- Jacob Bender (Round 6, 2007)

Pick made no sense. Came from an option offense at tiny Nicholls State. Career games: Two.

OL -- David Ware (Round 4, 1993)

Never played a game in the NFL. What more can you say?


DL -- Rick Terry (Round 2, 1997)

What was Bill Parcells thinking? Terry was top pick in Round 2, lasted only three years. Lazy as Sunday morning.

DL -- Dewayne Robertson
(Round 1, 2003)

Fourth overall pick, never came close to expectations. Drafted despite a degenerative knee condition.

DL -- Dorian Boose (Round 2, 1998)

Privately, teammates called him "Caboose" -- always bringing up the rear. No career sacks.

DL -- Coleman Rudolph
(Round 2, 1993)

GM Dick Steinberg was desperate for defensive end, but picked wrong guy: Michael Strahan chosen four picks later.

LB -- Vernon Gholston (Round 1, 2008)

For $20 million, the Jets got zero sacks in three seasons from sixth overall pick. Oh, the pain.

LB -- Kurt Barber (Round 2, 1992)

Marginal special teamer for four seasons. Drafted wrong outside 'backer out of USC; should've picked Seau in '90.

LB -- Anthony Schlegel (Round 3, 2006)

Eric Mangini must have been blindfolded when watching tape of Schlegel. Too small, too slow. Already out of league.

DB -- Derrick Strait (Round 3, 2004)

So slow you could've timed him with a sun dial. Three years, three teams, retirement.

DB -- Justin Miller (Round 2, 2005)

Made Pro Bowl in '06 as kick returner, but clueless at cornerback. Out of football.

DB -- Scott Frost (Round 3, 1998)

Thought he'd be the next John Lynch -- college QB-turned-safety. More suited to Merrill Lynch.

DB -- Kevin Williams (Round 3, 1998)

Actually started a few games as a rookie, but got yanked by Parcells -- and downhill from there.


P/K -- Mike Nugent (Round 2, 2005)

Jets thought he was missing piece in championship puzzle. He was missing, all right -- always hurt.