Jets' Rex Ryan having fun with Browns

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- New York Jets coach Rex Ryan joked that he was "staggered" and "wobbled" by the playful jab Browns coach Eric Mangini fired off about his weight loss on Thursday.

"I think everyone in New York is happy about that," Mangini said of a slimmed-down Ryan, "except maybe Macy's losing one of their floats."

Responding on Friday afternoon, Ryan joked that Mangini's comments caused him to "tear up" because he is "sensitive" about his weight.

"He took a shot at me and it wobbled me," said Ryan, who underwent lap-band surgery in the offseason. "There is no question about it, it staggered me.

"So I've got one message to say to Eric Mangini: You've just made the list buddy."

The days leading up to Sunday's Jets-Browns game have been filled with friendly barbs between Rex Ryan and his twin brother Rob, who is a second-year defensive coordinator for the Browns.

Rex and Rob have traded mock insults all week, culminating with Rex donning a long wig under a Browns cap and putting a pillow under his sweatshirt to imitate Rob while addressing the media on Thursday.

Rex also said he put a bounty on his brother for Sunday's game but joked that he was afraid his players would bounce off of Rob's sizeable belly.

He injected Mangini into the fray when he mentioned that he tried to put a bounty on the ex-Jets head coach "but he's small right now. It would be hard to hit that kind of target."

Mangini, who has shed weight recently, then responded with the Macy's float comment.

"I liked it," a smiling Ryan said. "That was a good one."

Ryan also said he was surprised Mangini doesn't joke around in a public manner more often because "that's the Mangini I know."

The Mangini Jets fans are familiar with was super-secretive.

And he's continued that practice this week in Cleveland.

With Seneca Wallace and Jake Delhomme back on the practice field, Mangini has yet to announce his starting quarterback for Sunday's game.

Colt McCoy has started the past three games for the Browns (3-5) and is likely to start against the Jets, but Mangini has yet to make it official.

"He could pull a fast one on us if Colt McCoy is not the quarterback," Ryan said. "Because that's who we've prepared as the quarterback. So if he wants to start one of those other kids, go for it."

Ryan smiled when he was asked about Mangini's diversionary tactics.

"That's Mangini being Mangini," he said.

Ian Begley is a regular contributor to ESPNNewYork.com.